A packaged version of the 1.0 source has been created and placed in the download section.

Integrity should can now be emerged from the Gentoo Linux Distro, via 'emerge integrity'

Major update to cvs version along with a few new themes to play with -- screenshots available.

[Fix] Initial window sizes
[Fix] Mouse focus oddness
[New] Gain focus on content click
[Fix] Mplayer style fullscreen fix
[New] Module loading, configuration, embedded ability
[Fix] Complete Rebuild of X11 Event Handler
[---] Change cursors for resizing
[New] Theme change ability
[Fix] Windows can change their text (program titles)
[Fix] Windows can manipulate their size by themself if they have a border
[New] Config file changes are saved (themechange,bgchange)
[New] Background Select Window

Updated the theme reference with a bunch of new text flags for objects, these changes are only available in the cvs version, also click-to-focus is sort of implimented in the cvs version, it can be activated by placing autofocus="false" in your config.xml file

CVS is now viewable and able to be checked out via anonymous access, still no packaged downloads but for those of you actually wanting to see the development, there it is.

Sourceforge site is up, nothing is in the cvs yet or available for download, I need to rip out a *BUNCH* of defective testing code before Integrity is fit for alpha display. Anyway, expect more within the week.